Corporate Lawyers in New York City

Whether a business is small, mid-sized, or large, there are a lot of moving parts involved. Those parts usually have legal implications, and those implications often have significant dollar amounts attached to them. Good legal counsel, that understands the business and all its machinations, inside and out, can be a valuable asset to any firm. 

Maximize Your Business Potential with Legal Expertise

For entrepreneurs, mastering the intricacies of corporate law is vital in safeguarding your business and enhancing your chances of prosperity. Our team of seasoned corporate attorneys in New York City is committed to offering extensive legal assistance to help your enterprise flourish. Whether you're a fledgling venture, an established corporation, or a global firm, our expertise and understanding equip us to steer you through diverse legal issues.

Benefits of working with our New York City corporate lawyers include:

  • Strategic legal counsel tailored to your specific business needs
  • Protection of your assets and intellectual property
  • Mitigation of legal risks and liabilities
  • Support for business transactions, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations

Don't leave the future of your business to chance. Contact Singh Law Firm, P.A. to learn how our corporate lawyers can help you achieve your business goals.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are some common legal issues that businesses in New York may face?

Businesses in New York may face legal issues related to contracts, employment law, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance, among others.

What are the legal requirements for starting a business in New York?

Legal requirements for starting a business in New York may include choosing a business structure, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and complying with tax and employment laws.

How can a business lawyer help with contract disputes in New York?

A business lawyer can assist with contract disputes in New York by providing legal advice, negotiating settlements, or representing the business in litigation if necessary.

What Sets Us Apart?

The New York City corporate lawyers at Singh Law Firm serve clients nationwide. We’re a boutique law firm founded in 2012, and our founding attorneys have over 45 years of combined experience. What’s more, that experience is wide-ranging. In addition to our deep understanding of law and procedure, the partners have all either ran public companies or served on the board. They know the law, but even more than that, they know the world where law and business intersect.

  • 45+ Years of Combined Legal Experience
  • Available for Our Clients 24/7
  • Services Available in Hindi & Punjabi
  • Free, No-Obligation Consultations

What a National Corporate Lawyer Does

Corporations are governed by laws and regulations at both the state and federal levels. They are responsible to shareholders. All of this adds up to substantial legal responsibilities, and missteps can be costly. The first job of corporate counsel is to simply make sure that management is always apprised of their rights and obligations and stays in compliance. They will draft documents and contracts, saving valuable time for management, who can then focus on running the business. 

Corporate counsel can and should step well beyond these basic responsibilities. It’s one thing to draft contracts and ensure compliance. It’s another to have the experience and business savvy necessary to offer sound advice on transactions, contracts, and more. A lawyer with a strong business background may be more likely to anticipate potential problems that could arise on anything related from compliance to a mergers and acquisitions deal. It’s that high level of service that we aim for with all of our clients. 

From our offices in New York City, the corporate attorneys at Singh Law Firm serve a nationwide clientele. Call us at (888) 940-1018 or fill out our online contact form to arrange a free consultation.

Why Hire a New York City Corporate Lawyer?

Depending on their budgets, corporations may be tempted to avoid having regular counsel available to them, and instead try to bring in specific practice-area experts on an as-needed basis. Even allowing for our professional bias in favor of consistent counsel, there are practical reasons against this path. 

It comes down to cost efficiency. An attorney who works with a firm regularly already understands the little details about the business and its inner workings—little details that can add up to big dollar amounts. A lawyer who comes in on a one-off assignment needs to put in extra billable hours to get up to speed and is still unlikely to have the same knowledge as regular counsel. The effort by the business to save money can end up being more costly—and sooner rather than later.

Work With Experienced Corporate Lawyers

The partners at Singh Law Firm have wide-ranging experience across both law and business. That diversity of knowledge can be a valuable asset to a corporation. 

Call our New York City corporate law office at (888) 940-1018 or contact us online to set up a free consultation. Payment plans are available.

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